Friday, March 4, 2011

Tweet With Us

Promote NPHW events in your community and share information about living injury-free using social media. Social media tools such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube & Flickr, can help take your organizations NPHW efforts to the next level. Plus each of these easy to use websites can help you reach different audiences. Hundreds of people are just a click of the mouse away!

How about a few Twitter tricks of the trade to help you spread the message.

  • Consistency: Tweet multiple times per day leading up to NPHW. This will engage your audience & build up interest and anticipation for National Public Health Week
  • Mix Content: You can tweet facts, share websites of reliable resources (eg: , ), post quizzes and events in your neighborhood.
  • Interaction: Ask questions, allow for comments and engage your followers in a dialogue. Ask your followers to share their safety tips, and what they plan to do improve safety
  • Use hash tag: With every tweet, add #NPHW. This will make it easier for others to find your organization, learn about your events and the information you share.
  • Theme: Each day of this year’s NPHW 2011 has a particular theme. You can share facts resources and other info according to this year’s theme. Here are some sample tweets for each day of NPHW.
Monday (Safety at Home):
  • Four out of five US fire deaths were residential fires in 2008. Test your smoke detector today. Learn more at #NPHW
Tuesday (Safety at Work):
  • On average, 15 workers die each day from traumatic injuries. Make sure your work environment is safe. Learn more at #NPHW
Wednesday (Safety at Play):
  • Always wear a helmet. Wearing one reduces the risk of head injury by 85%. Learn more at #NPHW
Thursday (Safety on the Move):
  • In ‘08 nearly 6,000 people died in crashes involving a distracted driver. Don’t text or call while driving. Learn more at #NPHW
Friday (Safety in Your Community):
  • Keep all firearms locked and unloaded and store ammunition in a separate location to ensure safety. Learn more at #NPHW

Plus, be sure to chat with us on Monday, April 4, at 1pm ET for our first-ever live online Twitter chat about safety and injury prevention as part of NPHW. Become part of the discussion by simply including #NPHW in your tweet. Post comments, asks questions, share ideas – all are welcome to join!Happy Tweeting!

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