Tuesday, April 12, 2011

What health informatics information technology can do for injury and violence prevention?

Today's guest blog is by Jiunn-Jye (JJ) Sheu MSPH, PhD, MCHES, Assistant Professor in the Department of Health and Recreation Professions at Judith Herb College of Education, Health Science and Human Service, University of Toledo

Health information technology covers a wide variety of innovations in computer sciences, engineering, communication for public health, prevention sciences, and clinical medicine. The use of health information technology has been widely applied to a variety of public health issues, including injury and violence surveillance and prevention. For example, Reports of the Leading Causes of Death: issued by the National Center for Health Statistics showed unintentional injuries ranked fifth place for all ages and topped the list for persons aged 1-44 years.

Geographic Information Systems (GIS): can provide spatial distributions by capturing, storing, analyzing, managing, and presenting data with reference to geographic location data for fatalities associated with intentional and unintentional injuries. In addition, Helmet technology for head injury among motorists: Motorists suffer from higher risk of head injuries and concussions from accidents. Innovative helmet designs can prevent such tragedies from happening or reduce the force of head traumas.

Moreover, Websites to promote awareness of injury prevention: By incorporating health communication and social marketing principles, health information technology can assist citizens of all ages to learn about preventive measures for injuries and violence. The New York State Department of Health provides a good list of website resources.

For more information about how the Health Informatics Information Technology Section can collaborate with communities, visit APHA website, and go to the HIIT Section and contact the Chair of the Health Informatics Information Technology (HIIT) Section, Christopher Williams at cwilliams@eqhs.org for additional information.

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