Friday, March 2, 2012

How to become engaged in National Public Health Week, April 2-8, 2012

National Public Health Week is a great opportunity to show your commitment to public health. So, just how can you get involved in this awareness week?

It’s easy! You should start by perusing the NPHW website and downloading the brochure to get a basic rundown of everything National Public Health Week has to offer.

After you’ve explored the brochure, take the initiative to become a real player. During National Public Health Week 2012, consider planning a local event or related activity. If you have an event you want to promote, become a partner with us and submit your event online. Why partner with us?

1. We’ll post your event on our online interactive event map and the comprehensive event list, along with helping you publicize your event through our own network.

2. You will have access to the NPHW Toolkit. This document gives you all the necessary tips and ideas to maximize the success of your event.

3. Within our NPHW Toolkit, learn how to maximize your social media outreach, with simple things like using “hashtags” (#NPHW) in your tweets or suggested Facebook posts that can further promote your event.

If you’re a student reading this, you might be wondering if this relates to you. Good news — in addition to becoming a regular partner or submitting an event, you get an entire day dedicated to you. Student Day is held the Friday of NPHW and promotes student and campus-run public health events. If you’re interested in teaming up with your school’s public health organization or running an event of your own, feel free to become a partner and access our student resources.

Your NPHW partners want to help your event succeed, but you first need to let us know you’re interested. So explore the NPHW website and brochure, partner up and submit your event. You can sign up for our email updates, too. Good luck!

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